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As a sector specific resource, ACME’s role has been to ensure that creative and digital is at the forefront of the region’s strategy for economic growth. For over 17 years, ACME has achieved this through the development of public and private sector collaborations and partnerships, as well as providing practical, relevant support and advice for businesses operating in the region.

Established in 1997, the ACME ‘brand’ achieved high regard, particularly for its collaborative approach. Working in close partnership with both industry and sector facilitators, over the years, the ACME team supported literally thousands of businesses, secured millions of pounds for the region and been responsible for the creation and delivery a number of key transformational projects. ACME led projects and business support tools have been replicated across the UK (including T-shirts and Suits – an ACME commissioned publication written by David Parrish, which has been translated in to 6 languages and distributed worldwide).

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Latest news

North West Interactive Healthcare Fund

30 Nov

Creative England announce the extension of the North West Interactive Healthcare Fund for digital SMEs.

Better by design: strengthening UK business and boosting growth

26 Nov

A new strategy on design in innovation sets out to accelerate UK economic growth through a wider take-up of the benefits of good design across industry.

£40 million fund for creative industries

23 Nov

A new £40m fund has been set up to address the “funding drought” within the creative sector.