Connecting Liverpool's Creatives

Dear Kin-folk

It is with heavy heart that we regret to inform you that the website will be no longer available as an online resource from Thurs 1st February 2018.

Established over 10 years ago and (incredibly) a forerunner in the UK at that time - Kin™ has been an incredible journey for those involved. Created and for many years delivered by Merseyside ACME, Kin™ has played a central role in encouraging connectivity across our creative community and played a major part in the renaissance of areas such as the Baltic Triangle. 

During that time, we’ve witnessed the birth and supported the growth of initiatives such as Baltic Creative CIC, Liverpool Sound City, Creative Kitchen and the Studio School to name a few.  We’ve hosted events with other regions and welcomed some of the UK’s leading thinkers to our legendary Socials.  We’ve facilitated fantastic business partnerships, connections and collaborations, seen some of our kin-folk grow in to the most incredible companies and finally - provided a completely free support and showcase service for the portfolio work of some of our finest creatives.  

So why are we exiting?

Whilst Kin™ content has always been driven by you, the service has been largely publicly funded; which on one the one hand has allowed us to provide a ‘non-partisan’ service one not subject to any sponsor obligations.  But on the other hand, these past couple of years have been very challenging in the context of difficult public sector choices around funding support. 

I’ll think you’ll agree that for the past months we’ve been ‘limping’ along and you deserve better!

So, here’s the good news!

In the face of adversity, the resilience of our creative community shines through; and never more brightly than through Robyn Dooley who I’m sure a lot of you know through her work with Innovators Hub and Liverpool Girl Geeks.  Robyn has been working with partners (including Kin) to bring you a new online ‘community hub’ called OH – check it out here

If you don’t want to completely cut all ties, we can keep you posted @kin2kinlpl or through Invest Liverpool social channels @investliverpool or LinkedIn

Finally, if you are using as the only depository for your work - you have until 31st January 2018 to retrieve it. We cannot guarantee that we will have access after this date. If you have any questions about this you can still contact us at

So... all that remains is to say, is enormous thanks to Splinter for their loyalty, patience and generosity over the years and to you for the pleasure you’ve brought to us through your work and successes.

Remember - keep communicating, collaborating, creating and standing out from the crowd!

- Cathy Skelly, and all at Kin